Placement eTest 

The eTest is a randomized, variable-length Placement Test that evaluates a student’s English skill level and places them  at the level that is optimal for their current English skills. This ensures that your student will not get either bored or frustrated as they begin their English journey. 

If you are a teacher, click to learn more about what eTest results mean for your students. 

Mastery Tests

neo’s Mastery Tests confirm a learner’s mastery of neo course material and key concepts. Each neo level has multiple Mastery Tests. Students must pass these Mastery Tests to access more advanced content. 

If a student does not pass a Mastery Test, they can retake the test after following a prescribed set of Review Lessons. After the 3rd (or more) failed attempt, the Mastery Test will be locked for 24 hours. Students will be prompted to retake the failed Mastery Test after the 24-hour period has passed. 

Certification Test

Once learners have mastered all of the key language concepts for their CEFR level, they will be ready to take the Certification Test. The test will open automatically if the Organization’s Administrator has selected this option, or it may require the teacher to unlock the Certification test for students. 

To learn more about taking the Certification Test, click here.