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neo Classroom Features

NoFeature DescriptionCoreEnhanced
1neo Study Online (nSO)Study neo Online in a Chrome browser
2neo Study Apps (nSA)Study neo in an Android or Apple app
3Minimum memory requirementsBoth nSO and nSA need minimum memory
4Co-brandingAdd a logo to neo’s Placement Tests (eTest)
5CEFR aligned CertificationStudents can earn an unlimited number of CEFR2 aligned English Certificates
6Class managementOrganize students in teacher-assigned classes
7Marketing materialsCourse-specific marketing materials available
8Continuous CEFR testingContinuous evaluation via Placement Tests, ongoing Mastery Tests, and exit Certificate Tests
9Meets USA and EU data protectionComplies with FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR student data protection laws
10Clever compliantCompatible with Clever’s USA online standards 1
11Tech support – nexgen Dashboard24/7 online, tech support for nexgen’s Dashboard admins and teachers 1
12Grading On-demand student grades
13Recommended Class ActivitiesOn-demand class Recommended Class Activities based on real-time study activity 1
14Certification test managementLock and unlock Placement Test and Certification Tests to facilitate proctored examinations
15Personalized worksheetsOn-demand, personalized PDF worksheets1
16Teaching Scripts Teaching scripts for individual students

1Available Q4 2021

2Common European Framework of Reference for Languages